This annual course is designed to help healthcare providers caring for patients with diabetes, including but not limited to, endocrinologists/diabetes specialists, internists, pediatricians, family physicians, physician assistants, medical residents and fellows, nurse practitioners, nurses, dietitians, social workers, and certified diabetes educators. During the course of this four-day conference, we will emphasize the challenges in day-to-day management of diabetes and practical ways to overcome those hurdles, specifically using new technologies. The discussions will also focus on challenges in healthcare disparities and the best ways to bridge those gaps, healthcare costs especially in the US relating to diabetes, ways to reduce the cost; some of the topics will discuss adjunctive therapies to help a larger number of patients achieve a target A1c and thus reduce long-term complications from diabetes and healthcare costs; what’s better insulin pump therapy or multiple daily injections (MDIs) with continuous glucouse monitors (CGMs); closed-loop systems that will handle exercise situations effectively; autoimmunity of T1D and upcoming therapies in an attempt to prevent or delay the onset of T1D; complication rate differences in the US and Western Europe, main factors associated with reduced complications; an update on CVOT; ways to reduce hypoglycemia; and the new classifications for diabetes and the rationale behind the update.

The participants will have an opportunity to participate in an intimate Meet the Peers session (MD’s, RN’s, and educators) as well and ask questions to a patient/provider panel open-discussion.  For type 1 diabetes, there will be plenaries on adjunctive therapies, difficulties in initiating technology, FDA challenges in digital solutions for hybrid closed-loop systems, pathogenesis of diabetes, and upcoming trends in prevention, CGM vs insulin pumps, and a hands-on workshop using different technologies, and advances in CGMs. For type 2 diabetes, there will be a plenary on long-term complications like diabetic nephropathy and retinopathy and upcoming treatment options, combination therapies, hypoglycemia risk, CVOTs, secondary diabetes updates. In 2019, we welcome back the FDA to give a Keynote on Friday morning.

leafy-circleThe conference is hosted by the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes in conjunction with the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine.